Biala Podlaska 2010-04-24

Currently there were no big collectors markets and we got bored, so on April 23 club members Sigla, Remigijus and our future club members Modestas and Dainius decided to visit an annual breweriana collectors market in Biala Podlaska, Poland.

We didn't know what sort of collectors goes there, so we took a variety of merchandise and some Lithuanian beer. We had a reservation at the hotel, so we left a day before the market.

Trip wasn't very long so when we settled down we went to see the city. City was quiet, there are not a lot of significant places. One of the most famous places - Radziwill palace with a park nearby, where bisons and other animals were raised. Other famous place - amphitheater, where the main city events happen. Heart of the city - quiet and beautiful square, surrounded by buildings. When we found a cafe, we decided to have dinner. After a delicious dinner, filled and satisfied, we came back to the hotel.

On early Saturday morning, we arrived at the place, where the market was. It was outdoors. As we predicted, there weren’t a lot of participants. But we couldn't complain about lack of attention or popularity, we even gave an interview for the local press.

We had plenty of cheerful moments. We met local collectors, exchanged collectible values, polish people bought Lithuanian beer with pleasure and we participated in games and won prizes.

After the market, we visited bike show, which was held in the city that day, where we saw a lot of bikers.  Knowing Sigla's weakness for motorcycles, with all our effort, we dragged her home because she probably would have stayed there for another night...

So, market wasn't full of collectible values but we were in a very good mood and we had a lot of fun.