III International Breweriana Collectors Market (Biržai 2010-05-21 - 22)

On May 21-22, 2010, third international breweriana collectors market took place in a small city called Biržai. A group of like-minded people have gathered in Brižai on Friday. A small town, still breathing the spirit of the soviet, welcomed us without the streets names, so we got a little lost, but we found a place, where, according to organizers, the action should have begun. When we checked in, we went to find a place to eat. Eventually we found a cafe, where we were amazed by the low food and beer prices. When we tasted the local beer and food, we went to settle in a homestead on the lake shore.

In the evening, we went to see the old castle of Biržai, where we visited museum and participated in a very exciting and fun program „Žaldoko alus“. During the program, we were treated with beer, local production cheese, homemade bread, we were also playing various instruments, singing and dancing. 


From the castle, we went to the collectors evening party, which already became traditional. A band was playing live music, everyone was dancing, new and old collectors were trying to acquaint . Our group went to the homestead, where the bathhouse on the lakeshore was already waiting for us. Evening and the night were passing very quickly. We all waited for the morning, which was supposed to be our club first appearance in public. 


In the morning all of us, alive and not so much, raised the club's flag and headed to the market place - brewery „Biržų alus“territory. We drove in with the flag, making most of the people turn around and stare. That's exactly what we wanted. When we checked in, we all received a bag of souvenirs. There were about 100 collectors from 8 countries at the market. Exchanges, negotiations were going on; everyone was getting along, tasting beer. It was very thoughtful time and we were happy that we enlarged our collections and also sad that we had to go home.